With a stringer network of camera crews set up all over the country, All Sports Digital Media is a full service multi-media production company that produces, shoots, edits, and uploads video content, distributed on multiple platforms including TV, Internet, and Mobile Devices. We cover all major sporting events including the MLB World Series, NBA Finals, NCAA College Football, NCAA Final Four, NFL Training Camp, MLB Spring Training, NYC Fashion Week and more. All Sports Digital Media is your one stop shop for high quality sports video coverage.

All Sports We Cover:

Air Show Videographer
Action Videographer
Archery Videographer
Aviation Videographer
Auto Racing Videographer
Baseball Videographer
Basketball Videographer
Billiards Videographer
BMX Videographer
Boating Videographer
Bowling Videographer
Boxing Videographer
Bull Riding Videographer
Car Videographer
Celebrity Golf Videographer
Celebrity Videographer
Cheerleading Videographer
Crew Videographer
Curling Videographer
Cycling Videographer
Dance Videographer
Equestrian Videographer
Extreme Sports Videographer
Fencing Videographer
Field Hockey Videographer
Fighting Videographer
Figure Skating Videographer
Firearms Videographer
Fishing Videographer
Fitness Videographer
Football Videographer
Golf Course Videographer
Golf Videographer
Gymnastics Videographer
Hiking Videographer
Hockey Videographer
Horse Racing Videographer
Lacrosse Videographer
Marathon Videographer
Motor Sports Videographer
MLB Videographer
NASCAR Videographer
NCAA Videographer
NFL Videographer
NHL Videographer  
Olympics Videographer
Paintball Videographer
PGA Videographer
Poker Videographer
Polo Videographer
Racquetball Videographer
Rafting Videographer
Rodeo Videographer
Rugby Videographer
Running Videographer
Sailing Videographer
Skateboarding Videographer
Skiing Videographer
Snowboarding Videographer
Soccer Videographer
Softball Videographer
Sports Portrait Videographer
Surfing Videographer
Swimming Videographer
Swimwear Videographer
Table Tennis Videographer
Tennis Videographer
Track and Field Videographer
Trampoline Videographer
Volleyball Videographer
Wakeboard Videographer
Wresting Videographer

Meet the Founder of All Sports Digital Media, Sports Videographer Mike Steinberg:

sports videographerBorn in New York City on December 30, 1980, sports videographer, Michael Steinberg graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Communication and Cinema Studies. In 2003, he led the Huskies baseball team to a conference championship and was named to the All Touranment Team and led them to the regionals against the #7 LSU Tigers. His passion for sports then evolved him to start one of the leading sports videography companies in the country. He is currently the executive producer of All Sports Digital Media, specializing in original feature-based sports videos. His company has created and produced videos for such events as Fashion Week, NFL Training Camps, Major League Baseball World Series, and The Superbowl. He is also currently working with Olympic Gold Medalist Jennie Finch, CBSSports.com, and Yahoo! Sports.

Being an expert in the industry, we have access to the top baseball videographers, football videographers, basketball videographers, golf videographers, hockey videographers, and any other sports you can imagine.We also partnered with the top sports photographers for corporate sport event photography. Take a look at the full list of cities we can service.

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